"It is always a pleasure working with Alice. She has worked tirelessly for the RSE Hub programme. With her expert input, we saw an increase in commissions and reach of the programme's work. She is an enthusiastic educator with considerable expertise in relationships and sex education. Alice is very well connected and well organised and her efficient leadership on the symposium on Healthy Sexual Development we held last year made it our best event yet!"

Richard Forshaw, Director The Exchange Foundation

"I was recently asked how I, as a teacher, deal with various issues regarding sexual orientation, sexual prejudices etc and found myself giving this huge speech in how I have an inclusive classroom where anything that suggests inequality is challenged everyday. I discussed the importance of language in empowering children, giving them ownership of their mind and body and then I was asked 'who's been your inspiration?' And it was you, and how you always modelled inclusion and equality. Your influence has been huge in shaping my practice, so thank you so much. You are brilliant at what you do!"

An ex-student - now a teacher herself.

"Alice is a delight. The reality is that although Alice operates as a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) on one of our agencies largest projects, offering her expertise as an educator and an expert in Relationships and Sex Education, she feels more like a member of our team. She’s always there when we need her, she seeks us out and adds value to every aspect of the project – her fierce attention to detail means that she is even involved in our quality control process. I admire and envy her responsiveness and have often wondered how efficient we could be if we had an Alice full-time. Alice’s contribution to the success of DO… SRE For Schools has been invaluable and we are incredibly proud to have partnered with her on such a quality SRE offering.

Gabrielle Sutherland, Business Unit Director, Hive Health

"In all matters to do with sex and relationships education (SRE), Alice has been a fantastic help to us. We have worked together over a number of years developing the SRE provided within the school. Sessions she delivers to students are always outstanding and the students really enjoy participating in them. I would not hesitate to strongly recommend her work."

Dr Gavin Matthews – Head of Citizenship and Life Skills, Enfield Grammar School

"Alice has been incredibly supportive to us while setting up our SRE programme in school. She has been very generous in providing advice and resources. The resources we have used in lessons have really engaged students and the feedback, from both teachers delivering lessons and students participating, has been extremely positive. I would like to thank Alice for everything she has done and would not hesitate to recommend her. I look forward to working with her in the future."

Rebecca Walsh, Graham School, Scarborough

“Fantastic range of useful resources.”

“Felt empowered to teach SRE in a more practical way.”

“Excellent activities to use in lessons.”

“Excellent training- really useful.”


Recent training feedback from a Risk and RSE Training in a Wiltshire School where 100% of participants rated the training as very good or excellent.